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Wife_Kayla & Hubby: Ass up face down, rest is up to you. Afterall, I’m just a little schoolgirl!

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March 7, 2018    351,548    27    332
Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Wife_Kayla & Hubby ( )



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flag as inappropriate Dirkdiggler7122    April 9, 2018VResident
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Love this view

flag as inappropriate dy71    March 10, 2018VResident

Ass up, naked, clean-shaved pussy up in the air, ready for a fucking - fabulous!

flag as inappropriate justrite    March 10, 2018


flag as inappropriate thing84    March 9, 2018VResident

I'd love to crawl up and stick my nose in your ass! Then slurp away at your hot pussy!

flag as inappropriate sugar dick    March 9, 2018
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Wish I was pounding your tight pussy from behind right now!!!

flag as inappropriate rppena123    March 9, 2018


flag as inappropriate Gadawg    March 8, 2018VResident
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Very sexy ass and a beautiful sweet pussy!

flag as inappropriate drgng    March 8, 2018VResident

great position to fuck either hole

flag as inappropriate Confusion reigns    March 8, 2018
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I would start by licking that sexy cunt & ass of yours, probing your anus and hot wet meaty cunt. Then I want my big hard cock despite inside each of your sexy fuckholes.. want to cum on your ass..
Do you like a big hard cock in your ass?

flag as inappropriate Suckmedry    March 8, 2018
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Damn!! I want in there!!

flag as inappropriate Beth & Will    March 8, 2018VResident
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No you’re not. You’re a hot fuckable wife and you have me very aroused.,

flag as inappropriate hornyhusband    March 8, 2018VResident
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Stunning pose!!!Stockings and heels always do it for me.Espescially with an ass and pussy as sexy as yours!!!xxx

flag as inappropriate Jammer3    March 8, 2018VResident
VCity Userpic a little schoolgirl, you are certainly learning the important lessons well. :)

flag as inappropriate akthumper    March 8, 2018VResident

Wow baby you are so smooth and your pussy looks so ready to be filled..... I want you !!

flag as inappropriate Captain    March 8, 2018

Well I'm a college stud and Id love to get up in you, and hit that juicy pussy hard

flag as inappropriate jackin    March 8, 2018VResident
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Hot ass

flag as inappropriate Tyro    March 7, 2018
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wow! long licks first!! then mmm id love to!

flag as inappropriate woodyma    March 7, 2018VResident
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That pussy is soooooooo ready for my tongue and my rock hard cock!!

flag as inappropriate qtipie65    March 7, 2018VResident

Beautiful ass.Pussy open and ready for sex.Hot pic.

flag as inappropriate Grumpy    March 7, 2018
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Pure poetry. ♥

flag as inappropriate zstaff1975    March 7, 2018VResident
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You need a good spanking and a hard deep fucking. And if you’re still being a bad little slut I will bang your tight little asshole.

flag as inappropriate dokken    March 7, 2018
VCity Userpic are fucking hot!

flag as inappropriate jonstud    March 7, 2018
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Mmmm, I could think of a few things. Starting with a good licking.

flag as inappropriate Hunter1970    March 7, 2018VResident
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Beautiful ass and pussy

flag as inappropriate ALWAYSHARD1    March 7, 2018

My tongue licking your ass deep while fingering your pussy then if you like I'll slide my cock in your beautiful asshole

flag as inappropriate BIG Steve 69    March 7, 2018VResident

Happy Hump Day !!! This naughty school girl needs to get her pretty little ass spanked to a bright shade of pink, but then I will kiss each sweet cheek to make it all better and finally as a reward lick and suck on her gorgeous meaty pussy lips and clitoris getting them wet so her meaty pussy lips easily envelope my big hard 8 inch cock as I slide it in and out of your pussy til you orgasm which causes me to orgasm shooting my cum deep inside your warm wet pussy. XOXOXO :-)

flag as inappropriate Riprhrd    March 7, 2018VResident
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Oh my, my what a gorgeous ass and pussy you, have first I'd lick both those tasty holes,then I'd grab those beautiful hips and slid my big thick cock deep inside you baby !!! Where would you like me to cum ?

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